About Us


Natural Farmers Pantry started out of a passion for health and wellness by its owner Lena. Tired of all the terrible chemicals and additives consumed through generic supermarket products and the impact they were having on her own health, Lena started a journey many years ago to transform her own diet, way of living and consumption. 
With this transformation came a move to live life on a farm, a commitment to grow produce and livestock organically and live a more sustainable life. After a while Lena started to notice how much healthier she was feeling, how much weight she had lost and how much energy she now had.
Through this discovery the Natural Farmers Pantry was born with a purpose to make life healthier every day. We sell a wide range of nuts, herbs, spices, rice, flour, cereal, dried fruit in organic, raw or roaster varieties to help you transform your life to be a more healthier one.You can find us at local markets all around regional Victoria in Australia and now you can find us online!